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Oscar S. Garcia is the world's foremost bilingual (spanish & english) advisor and media commentator about aviation, aerospace, and space transportation.







Oscar S. Garcia is a globally renowned aerospace, and aeronautics advisor, consultant, event presenter-chairman and public speaker. His vast industry knowledge makes him an opinion leader and sough after advisor in the areas of strategy, business development, industry trending and forecasting.
His personable, culturally adept, direct and even entertaining delivery style and persona make Oscar a favorite in board rooms, media sets both general and specialized audience events globally.

During his more than 20 years of total industry immersion, he has advised , consulted and presented to industry investors, academia, private enterprises, government and non-government organizations and general audiences worldwide.

Oscar is a second generation air transport pilot level aviator rated on Boeing 747-400 and 777 200-300, amongst others, and has flown for prestigious airlines and trained in their flight academies such as American Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways. In addition, he is an EmbryRiddle Aerospace University MBA honor graduate.

Oscar is also the Chairman and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation (IFG).He founded the firm in 1992 and together with his industry leading associates, he has performed a large number of multimillion strategic, design and business development projects for small, medium and large enterprises worldwide.

In addition, Oscar is a well known aviation and aerospace fine artist and philanthropist in support of aerospace charities. Oscar’s artistic work is presented under the name PilotO. He is a donor and an active Board member in various aerospace focused charitable and scholarship funds.

Oscar’s audio visual and in person presentation skills, in English or Spanish, are second to none and he has received consistent accolades by most audiences he has presented to regarding to not only the expert content of his materials, but also to the motivational and inspirational dimensions.

In addition, Oscar is a frequently featured expert speaker and commentator to international press, electronic and print media both specialized and mainstream.

"Without a doubt aerospace, aeronautics and the space industries shape the world we live in like no other industry. Flight has connotations of exploration, enterprise and freedom which lead the developments and endeavors of a united mankind looking into the future. Technology, science, economics, even art and philanthropy on a global scale are interestingly framed within the fascinating world of flight and the exploration of space. I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts and vistas as an advisor, public speaker, opinion leader and media commentator."

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