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Oscar to speak at NBAA 2015 in Las Vegas November 18th 2015

Oscar S. Garcia IFG Chairman and CEO and IFG Capital Managing Partner to present at NBAA, November 18 2015 The Future of Ultra High Speed Business Jets-Beyond Mach 1.

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The Future of Ultra High Speed Business Jets-Beyond Mach 1

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Innovation Zone, Booth N704 Education Track: Industry Update Presented by: Oscar Garcia, InterFlight Global Corporation This future-looking presentation will review the current status and future challenges and opportunities for the high-speed business aircraft industry, including: supersonic, hypersonic and suborbital as well as existing and envisioned aircraft and air-spacecraft. Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn about the high0speed business air transportation industry today and its future developments. Will cover a review of existing transonic business jets (CX, G650), supersonic programs (Aerion, HyperMach, Spike, etc) and will brief on hypersonic and suborbital concepts and future programs (S-3, Virgin Galactic, Space Jett and others)

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